covering tampa bay

collaborating through communication

Covering Tampa Bay is a unique collaborative of nonprofits, agencies, groups and individuals in four counties in the Tampa Bay area. Their goal is to collectively increase ACA insurance coverage. We contracted with them for nearly 4 years to provide a monthly newsletter, maintain social media, develop and maintain a website, assist with weekly online meetings and quarterly onsite meetings, and create a communications package to disseminate their model nationwide.

Our partnership with Covering Tampa Bay has provided us with some great insights into how collaborative efforts can be enhanced and strengthened with effective communications in a variety of media and contexts. We can do the same for you and your partners!


Brenda Hornsby started out as a personal trainer in a local gym. While building her reputation as one of the best in her area, she began receiving requests for training in other parts of the country.  With our website development services, she’s been able to expand her services online, allowing her to reach more clients while providing personalized attention to each and every one. We can help you blend online sales with profession-specific content tailored to your business!

NitroXFitness Website

positive family partners

Positive Family Partners is a Florida nonprofit serving children birth to 3 and their families and caregivers. They provide early intervention services and promote positive parenting practices. They had a website, but it was in need of updating to better reflect their values and mission. We provided a revision for them that allows them to showcase their work to the public and to potential funders. And we did it on a limited budget!

PFP Website

Montana Legacy Builders

When we got a call from Dan Richter, he already had a website for his contracting and building work. But there was a problem. He had recently relocated and wanted to refocus his work in his new location. He wanted someone to “start from scratch” on a new website. He also needed help with search engine optimization so customers could find him easily. We developed a new logo to help with cross-media marketing and linked to social media to complete the “package.”  You can count on us for a one-stop answer to your multiple communication needs! 

Montana Legacy Builders

Dr. Louise Boothby

Dr. Louise Boothby is a Florida-based developmental consultant who needed a website makeover. We ended  providing a new and improved website … And that’s not all! We assisted Dr. Boothby with marketing her site and then moved on to help her achieve a longtime dream: publishing her own book! From design to editing to copyright/trademark assistance, we are happy to say she is now an author!

Dr. Boothby’s Website